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Validating female psychopathy subtypes

Similar results were reported by Weiler and Widom []: Victims of childhood abuse and/or neglect had significantly higher PCL-R scores than controls.Furthermore, victimization predicted official and self-reported violence.They are absolutely the worlds best manipulators, liars, and fabricators of truth.They do so convincingly because they believe their own lies. Following that, the existence of more specific subtypes of psychopathy and sociopathy is argued on the basis of the recent researches. Psychopathic subtypes and their crimes: A validation study. Psychology Koshkina Ekaterina Nikolaevna, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, United Kingdom, MSc in Criminology and Criminal Psychology E-mail: [email protected] Psychopathy subtypes and psychopathic violence Abstract: This article analyses two main subtypes of psychopathy and its characteristic traits that allow to differ them from each other. But often these portrayals – psychopaths as criminal monsters preying on innocent people – are misleading.[Image: CC0 Public Domain,]For many in the public at large, the term “psychopath” conjures up images of ruthless homicidal maniacs and criminal masterminds.

In a Swiss sample of younger male offenders (age 17–27), PCL-R total scores were significantly correlated with the number of prior threatening events experienced [] reported that, among female offenders, experiences of both physical and sexual abuse correlated with PCL-R total scores and with scores on the affective-interpersonal and antisocial lifestyle dimensions of psychopathy.This impression is reinforced on an ongoing basis by depictions of psychopathic individuals in popular books and films, such as , and by media accounts of high-profile criminals ranging from Charles Manson to Jeffrey Dahmer to Bernie Madoff.However, the concept of psychopathy (“psychopathic personality”) held by experts in the mental health field differs sharply from this common public perception—emphasizing distinct dispositional tendencies as opposed to serious criminal acts of one sort or another.Psychopathy is a specific syndrome that predicts future violent and aggressive behavior in adults.Studies in youth and adults have demonstrated a strong association between early traumatic incidents and later dissocial behavior.

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The present study examined associations between both general dimensions of personality pathology and early traumatic experiences and the dimensions of psychopathy in 170 male and 171 female adolescent detainees. They found that those with more severe victimization histories had higher psychopathy scores than those with less severe victimization histories.

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