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The Jennifers 3 girls who are super pretty and popular. The joke is that they walk in slow motion and have a fan on them so their entrances are really dramatic. Ciara Bravo plays Katie Knight, Kendall’s little sister.Spencer Locke was an original Jennifer but left to film Resident Evil: After Life. Their relationship has had some ups an downs and in Welcome Back Big Time, Kendall got very jealous of Jo’s new co star. She loves to connect with fans and is excited about her music career. Camille is a 16 actress who is known as the “method actress queen” There are feelings between Camille and Logan. She recently shared on her Twitter @Erin Zariah that he helped her move her grandma into an assisted living place. She is smarter than her mom and is usually reluctantly helping the guys. Ciara has done some voice work on shows like Special Agent Oso and Open Season 3.

Scott also stripped off his shirt while wearing a pink towel wrapped around his waist. On Monday, Leo rocked an all-blue ensemble while attending another party at a beachside location in Malibu.

Big Time Rush officially debuted on January 18, 2010, earning 7.1 million viewers, making it Nickelodeon’s highest-rated live-action series debut ever. On May 24, 2011, “Big Time Rush” was renewed for a third season of twenty more episodes.

We all know the main stars of the show are the 4 four guys: Carlos Pena Logan Henderson James Maslow Kendall Schmidt I was lucky enough to win a set visit at a school raffle where I met all 4 guys, and Tanya Chisolm I’ve met the rest of the cast (except Challen) at random places and wrote a blog about the show which can be found here But this blog is about the Girls of Big Time Rush They are: The Three Jennifers Savahah Jayde Kelli Goss Denise Tontz Spencer Locke (season 1) Erin Sanders who plays Camille Katelyn Tarver who plays Jo Tanya Chisolm who plays Kelly and Ciara Bravo who plays Katie. Some people think they are based on a movie called The Heathers and some people think they are a parody of the Jonas Brothers.

Whoever told you that or whatever magazine you read that from is wrong. Hi im James Maslow cousin and thank you @ loganlvr my cousin is metrosexual but he not gay, I think people needs to understand that when a pretty boy dresses and looks great,why does people assume he's gay.. nobody shold care of wat he is it aint non f our business anyway he could be wt ever he wants to befor a couple reason he lovs his fans hes sweet and kind hot and is a very fun person i bet ok so who cares if he is or isnt its not our buisness The responses to this question are totally ridiculous.

There is a good chance he is straight but he very well could be gay.

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