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There are no words To paint a picture of you, girl Your eyes, those curves It's like you're from some other world You walk my way Oh God, it's so frustrating So why do I disappear when you come near It makes me feel so small Why do I blow my lines Most every time, like I've got no chance at all If I could be a superman I'd fly you to the stars and back again 'Cause every time you touch my hand You feel my powers running through your veins But I can only write this song And tell you that I'm not that strong 'Cause I'm no superman I hope you like me as I am It ain't no lie I have to tell you how I feel But each time that I try It gets a little more unreal You say my name Oh God, I can't stop shaking So why do I disappear When you come near, it makes me feel so small If I could read your mind Girl, would I find any trace of me at all?

I'm hoping that someday, someday, I'm gonna put a smile on that pretty face Someway, someway, we'll still be dancin' When we're old and we're gray But I'm lookin' at you from the distance, You don't know what you're missin' girl Someday, someway, I know it's gonna be okay. Oh I know it's gonna be okay But I know, I know, I know I gave you my heart, so don't let go....

Inspired by artists such as Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Bryan Adams, Brooks threw himself into music and started to practice singing and composing songs.

After leaving Mountbatten Secondary School in Hampshire, his interest in the guitar and music recording lead him to focus on Music Technology classes while he attended Barton Peveril Sixth Form College.

Then again, the tunes are probably evergreens next to J.

T.’s college radio hits, the titles of which we are tantalized with — “Creatures of the Morning Rain,” “Purple Girl,” “Blue Apple” — but, alas, never hear.

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- - - John Newton, "Amazing Grace" And Honey, I miss you and I'm being good. - - - Bobby Goldsboro, "Honey" And if I can't be with you I would rather have a different face And if I can't be near you I would rather be adrift in space And if the gods desert us I would burn this chapel into flames And if someone tries to hurt you I would put myself in your place - - - Neil Finn "Try Whistling This" And if she asks you why you can tell her that I told you That I'm tired of Castles in the Air I've got a dream I want the world to share in castle walls Just leave me to despair Hills of forest green where the mountains touch the sky A dream come true, I'll live there 'til I die I'm asking you, to say my last good-bye The love we knew, ain't worth another try - - - Don Mc Lean "Castles in the Air" And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon Little boy blue and the man in the moon. - - - Johnny Cash, "I Walk the Line" Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone Without a dream in my heart Without a love of my own - - -Lorenz Hart, "Blue Moon" But of all these friends and lovers There is no one compares with you.