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Dating a short man

But I feel like I'm too short/not attractive enough for most girls, I know this is the wrong way to look at it but its just the way I feel.SO what I'm basically asking is girls would you go out with someone the same heigh or slightly shorter than you?Statistics and scientific studies back up this information too: women prefer taller guys too. Not only do I draw from my own experience, but also the science of dating and attraction.Before I continue, I want to mention that I, a short man, have written a book specifically for short guys that WILL get you dates (if you follow the directions): Order The Short Man’s Dating Handbook Now To Find Love. But, getting dates isn’t impossible for short guys. Short guys have to work harder and be extra attractive compared to their taller friends. Tall guys have a built in advantage just for existing. In addition, I’ve successfully taught these skills to my coaching clients, many of whom are short. They’ll work for you too if you give them a chance.

Superficial standards of beauty probably aren’t that important to him, given that he doesn’t have the classic height needed to be conventionally attractive. You fit like perfect puzzle pieces when he's shorter than you are.

I’ve struggled with this as well, often overlooking shorter guys for tall ones.

We as queer men, need be more aware of this, and question why we prefer tall to short guys. Tall guys literally look down on people, every single day. They also get treated specially for being tall, so often, tall guys, especially tall gay men, are pretty full of themselves.

As a tall girl (5’8), I was quite surprised to learn how having high standards was directly correlated to only dating taller guys.

I have been on a few dates with a guy who is 2 inches shorter than me and that made me realize that this obsession over someone’s height is quite ridiculous. You will look taller Most women dream of looking taller than they really are and when you’re dating a short guy, that’s possible without any extra effort from your end!

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“Swipe left if you’re under 6 foot” “Tall guys only!